Good or Bad?


Good or Bad?

All relationships are different

There is no such thing as a normal relationship or a one size fits all. But there are healthy relationships and unhealthy relationships.

Loves Me


 Makes me feel safe and comfortable


 Listens and values my opinion, is proud of me when I achieve things


 Respects and supports me, no matter where we are or who we are with


 Encourages me to keep trying with things that I find hard


 Is truthful with me


 Admits to being wrong


 Always tries to understand how I feel


 Accepts that I need to see family and friends


 Makes me happy


 Trusts me


 Treats me as an equal


 Respects me and my family


 Understands my need for time alone or with family


 Accepts me as I am

Loves Me Not


♦ Is jealous, possessive and tries to control me


♦ Loses temper easily


♦ Makes threats and does things that scare me


♦ Makes me cry and hits me


♦ Always blames me, makes me feel guilty


♦ Keeps me from seeing my family and friends


♦ Wants to make all the decisions


♦ Embarrasses me and puts me down when we are alone and in front of others


♦ Doesn’t trust me, always checking up


♦ Controls my money and my life


♦ Makes all the decisions


♦ Teases, bullies and puts me down


♦ Is sexually demanding


♦ Threatens to leave me if I don’t do what I’m told


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