Recognising domestic abuse

Every Situation is Unique

Although every situation is unique, there are common factors that link the experiences of an abusive relationship. Abuse is about one person trying to have power and control over another person, regardless of gender.

Domestic abuse can take many forms

Is your relationship a good one or are you suffering any of the following:

This list can help you recognise if you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, and is by no means a full list of abuse behaviour.

♦ Do you feel controlled, manipulated, treated like an object?

♦ Do you feel isolated, are you prevented from seeing or talking to friends and family?

♦ Are you allowed to make your own decisions?

♦ Are your phone calls, emails and social media monitored or blocked?

♦ Are you pressured into taking drugs / alcohol?

♦ Do you have low self-esteem and confidence?

♦ Are you being followed, not allowed any privacy, accompanied everywhere you go?

♦ Are you often screamed and shouted at?

♦ Do you get called names?

♦ Are you accused of things?

♦ Are you being verbally threatened?

♦ Does someone hit you, push you, pull your hair out, burn you, restrain you?

 Are you continually put down in front of other people?

 Is money taken from your purse/wallet/bank account without asking?

 Do they refuse to help with childcare or housework?

 Are you lied to?

 Is information withheld from you?

 Are they jealous?

 Do they destroy your possessions?

 Use their size or strength to intimidate you?

 Do they punch walls, wield weapons?

 Do they threaten to harm people close to you?

 Are you pressured into having sex?

 Are you told that it’s your fault?


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